Equipment and materials for marking

Marking is used in almost all areas of production, trade, service or services. These can be logistics centers and transport companies, utilities, manufacturers of building materials, wood, metallurgical enterprises and many other types of industries. The purpose of labeling is to provide the buyer with information about the product, to ensure the accounting and distinction of goods.

Industrial labeling informs consumers of the following characteristics of the product: the date of production, the name of the manufacturer, its legal address, etc. An obligatory part of labeling today is the presence of a barcode and serial number of products, as well as certification information that will distinguish it from a fake.

Metal marking

Marking of metal products – pipes, rolled products, sheets, coils, ingots and other metal products, can be carried out in several ways. In addition, special requirements are imposed on this industry, since it is often necessary to work with very high temperatures.

One of the most reliable ways to mark metal is branding. The advantages of the shock-mechanical method are that the stamp on the metal cannot be replaced, this method is durable and reliable. Disadvantages of this method: price, production time and rapid wear of the die; difficulties with small symbols, loss of presentation of the product, the impossibility of applying variable information. This also applies to other mechanical marking methods. Laser marking of metal products, as well as marking with paints or special inks, are not always suitable for industrial use due to the high cost and “tenderness” of the equipment.

Therefore, we offer the simplest, most convenient, cost-effective and universal method of marking metal – thermal transfer printing on tags or labels. For high-quality equipment and material that can withstand harsh conditions, see our catalog. Here you can buy self-adhesive labels, hanging tags, industrial printers and ribbons for various purposes and tasks.

Product labeling with tags

Tagging is one of the ways to place information on hot metal. However, tags are also common far beyond metallurgical enterprises. It happens that tags are the only possible way to mark a product. Small tags do not interfere with the technological processes of processing products, they are reliable during transportation, warehousing and storage of goods. The advantages of this method include the ability to place readable text and a barcode on a tag or label that carries a large amount of information.

Terms of Reference for Labeling The materials offered by us are widely used in logistics and production marking. The high adhesiveness of the labels allows them to be fixed on particularly difficult surfaces, where high stability of the storage medium is required. SPECTA labels withstand high-temperature conditions, exposure to aggressive environments and atmospheric phenomena.

The rational use of barcode labels as a means of automated accounting allows you to optimally place raw materials in the warehouse, and then send them for processing and effectively manage warehouse balances. It should be noted that with the help of SPECTA tags and labels, reliable accounting of the movement of products and barcoding in warehouses of metal products will be ensured. In addition, labels allow you to prevent any errors in the database due to the availability of product information in real time, and orders and their processing are fast and error-free.

Specializing for many years in the development and execution of complete solutions for industrial marking, we are ready to offer you the best!

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